Great web design takes years of experience and dedication to the craft. We have a passion for the design and aesthetic of websites and have worked with many satisfied clients. We will build a site that works for your business and your target audience.



Frustrated with a bad design or no website? We’re here to help!

At Mira P Designs, we take pride in what we do and focus on giving you the site you have always dreamed of. We will discuss the site you are looking to accomplish with your target audience in mind. This is important as it determines the type of design and focuses on your specific clientele. In other words, if you are trying to make a fancy nightclub web site, it would be different from a medical web site, which is different from a tattoo website. We focus on getting your site developed for any media device and with a clean and crisp responsive web design.

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Here’s our process to get your website from concept to creation.

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We are with you every step of the way…

We work with our clients every step of the way to make the process as painless as possible and are available should there be any questions or concerns while getting your work performed.

When we begin your website project, payments for your website project will be broken down into three units. This would be 1/2 payment up front to retain my services and the final payment of 1/2 upon final step of the development process of the site so it can be completed, uploaded, and live for public viewing. This makes it more efficient for clients to get their project started without coming up with all the funds right from the start. Once the initial payment has been given, we will then create a mock-up of the design and upon approval, will begin creation of the site.

Written content will be required to get your site completed as this will need to be provided by you, the client. Getting this to us in a speedy manner will allow us to finish the project on schedule and this task, cannot be ignored. We can fill the site with dummy content so you can see a feel for the content in place but we would need to get the proper copy in order for us to have the desired images in place that relate to the content applied.

As previously stated, once the site is complete and we receive the final 1/2 of the site payment, we will send upload and configure your website to be viewed by anyone in the world.

I am amazed! It is awesome! The site is the bomb diggity. It really is wow, just amazing, wow!
Allison Ethier
Thank you thank you thank you! The site is beautiful. This gives us wings!
Maquillee Au Reveil

Eye catching design and that maximizes the user experience

We create you vision with websites that dazzle the senses and are search engine friendly. Many sites were either designed a very long time ago and need a refresher or they were coded improperly from the start and need a complete overhaul. Mira P Designs can help you with a redesign for your website so that it is aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, efficiently usable by the people who visit your site.